I can not add new citations to a Google Doc

I was successfully adding citations to a Google Doc. The citations were linking properly, and the Reference list was updating correspondingly.

When I got to citation 16, I started to see errors related to updating the citations. Now, when I add a new citation, it either creates an in-text citation that is not linked. Or, most recently, the citation is linked, but clicking the 'Zotero->Refresh' button does not add the source to the References list.

I have been using Google Docs in the Chrome browser. I just attempted to add a citation in Firefox, and I experienced the same issue.

How can I resolve this issue?

Here is the debug output from adding a new citation and clicking Refresh (the 'References' list did not update).

  • Is this still working in a fresh document?
  • What do you mean by a fresh document? I created a copy of the Google Document, and I attempted to refresh Zotero. In-text citations 16 and 17 still appear to be linked, but the references list is 15 long.
  • The question is whether Zotero works in a new, empty document that you create.

    If it's not working in an existing document, see the last step on Troubleshooting Errors in Word Processor Documents to narrow down the problem.
  • Thank you for your help. The issue seems to be resolved by deleting all references and clicking 'Add/Edit Bibliography' again. The in-text citations which were linked but not appearing in the references list now appear in that list.
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