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At least three references that I added recently, which appear in my reference list in the Word document, are no longer available in "My Library" or any other collection or folder in Zotero. I have refrehed several times, the references do not desappear from my list in the Word, but do not show anywhere in Zotero. There is no sync going on.
  • Are you on the same computer where you added them?

    If not, see Changes Not Syncing.

    If so, if you toggle Word field codes for one of the items, what's the URL it shows (with in it)?
  • No, I am not in the computer that I added them, but the references do not appear in any of the two computers that are sync. I see them in my reference list in the Word though. I am searching in My Library
  • Right, so see the page I linked to above.
  • thanks. I checked it all. Still does not work. the references do appear in the list
  • You haven't gone through the whole page or you'd be providing more information. And you haven't answered my question above.

    There's no point posting here and just saying it doesn't work — we can't help you unless you provide the information we ask for.
  • Please, let's keep the good level of conversations.
    I am sorry I did not provide all the details
    "If not, see Changes Not Syncing". The box there is checked to sync. I am still trying to understand what to word field codes. I am using a Mac, in this case, it makes no difference.
  • Why do I see code beginning with ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION in my document instead of formatted citations?
    I do not see the text above. I see regular citations in the word document.
  • Please, let's keep the good level of conversations.
    I'm simply explaining that we literally can't help you further without the requested information.

    From Changes Not Syncing:
    6) Further troubleshooting

    If you're still having trouble, post to the Zotero Forums with a Debug ID for the first sync after making a change that doesn't sync (e.g., making a change to the online library that doesn't appear in Zotero, or vice versa). Start debug output logging before making the change and keep it going until the sync has ended.
    Re: field codes:
    Why do I see code beginning with ADDIN ZOTERO_ITEM CSL_CITATION in my document instead of formatted citations?
    I do not see the text above. I see regular citations in the word document.
    The page explains how to toggle between regular text and field codes. I'm asking you to do that and tell us the URL that you see in the field code.
  • If you're still having trouble, post to the Zotero Forums with a Debug ID for the first sync after making a change that doesn't sync (e.g., making a change to the online library that doesn't appear in Zotero, or vice versa). Start debug output logging before making the change and keep it going until the sync has ended.

    Changes that I make online do appear in the library and vice-versa. It is not a problem
  • This is the code in the text that I do not find in the library online.

    Mary Shelley (2009). I tried several times to paste the code here, but it just comes as the reference.
  • See below what I see when I try to paste the code for the reference list, it converts back into text.

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  • I am extremely frustrated. I just acquire the paid version of Zotero. I expect the program to help me save time and provide me with a user-friendly resource for my dissertation. Turns out that I find myself trying to act as a technician and my dissertation is stuck for several days now. I really need a solution for this. Please, let me know if need me to explain once again what is going on. I want to make sure we are tackling the right issue here. I mean it, I need a solution for this. Thank you very much.
  • Below are some examples of references that show in my word document but I do not find online or anywhere in "My Library"

    Shelley, Mary. 2009. Frankenstein. El Cid Editor.

    Diamond, Jared M. 2005. Guns, Germs, and Steel : The Fates of Human Societies. Norton.
  • Are there any means to attach a word document here so you can see the codes that turn back to reference when I paste them in this field?
  • You've been getting near-instantaneous help here whenever you posted. You waited 2 days between your last post and the most recent ones -- which is fine, but you can't really blame this on not getting fast support.

    You've still not answered the question dstillman asked above:
    when you show field codes for the Shelley reference, i.e. when you use alt+Fn+F9 and then see the code starting with {ADDIN_ZOTERO -- that code includes a URL like
    we need to see that here. You can definitely select and copy it, but if that really doesn't work for you, you can just type it up (double-check for typos, though) or take a screenshot, post it to a free image hosting site (imgur, dropbox) and link to it here.

    Neither of these options should take you more than 5mins, at which point you can return to dissertation writing and come back here when you've received a reply. No need to let technical issues block you from writing.
  • When I turn the reference into code I get 18 lines of codes. I hope what I pasted below is what you need to see.


    Shelly reference is one example of what is going on.
    Thank you.
  • That's an item inserted in a Zotero installation that hadn't yet ever been synced, and for an item that was never synced to the online library. In other words, you would get that if you went to a new computer, installed Zotero, saved an item, and inserted it into the document, and then copied the document to this computer, but without ever actually syncing Zotero on that computer.

    You'll need to either sync the computer where you created it or delete the citation and reinsert it from your library on this computer.
  • Before I stopped using the previous computer, I synched Zotero until the green arrow stopped rolling. I assumed it had synched. At least now I know what is going on, and I will work on a solution. Thank you for your quick reply.
  • If you set up syncing, create an item locally, and sync, it will definitely upload the item, so something else would've had to have happened here.

    If you're not seeing some items sync, see the page I linked to above: Changes Not Syncing
  • I will have access to my "old" Mac soon. I will make sure that it all synchs properly according to the link you informed. If I have questions, I let you know. Thank you again.
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