Citation style with unsorted bibliography and Author-Date citations


I am asked to use a citation style with unsorted bibliography and Author-Date citations. Do you know if there is such a style available in Zotero?

Thank you,
  • what does unsorted mean? In order of appearance? That can't be right -- how would you find the bibliography entry for a reference???
  • Hi Adam,

    I would like the references in the bibliography to appear in the order of citation in the text. And I would like the citations in the text to be of the type Author Date. Does it make more sense? This is what is asked by the agency I am applying to.

  • OK -- that sounds terrible and we don't have a style like that, but it's certainly possible. Just pick the author-date style you otherwise like best and edit it by removing the sort section (i.e. from <sort> to </sort> a couple of lines below <bibliography

    General instructions here:
  • ahah. I agree Adam. but they have the money, so they decide of the rules of the game :(. thanks for the help!
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