Mac plugin behaving strangely with template docs

Dear Dan !!

I have encountered another little issue with the latest versions of the plugin (word 2008) and zotero for firefox 3.5. Everything works beautifully when i create a new blank document and start inserting citations...

I always usually work from a template (American Psychological Association). Its double spaced and it pretty much has every formatting i need so i dont need to do anything else besides write my paper.

The problem is when i insert a citation into this template document that was initially a .dotx file (general template format) which is now saved as a normal .doc file, I recieve a message saying your document has to be upgraded to be used with 2.0b7 and it cant be undone and that very familiar message that is circulating in the forums at the moment.

I am wondering why it doesnt say this when i start off from a blank document and only when I am using a template file which is double spaced.

I am too scared to click OK because i am afraid it will break down the whole of zotero or something like some other people have been reporting... so i just click cancel.

Can i expect it to be safe to click ok?

Any suggestions
  • ok problem solved by using [select all] copying and pasting the contents of the template into a new blank document !!
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