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Hi all,
I have a problem with zotero visual editor. Is it possible to make changes only in one citation example? I mean: Editing and existing style, I wish a comma after the year of publication in, say, the chapter book, but not in the journal article. I try to make the change in the first, but I get the message that I have edited multiple macros and I find the change in the second also. Is it possible to get over this?
Thanks for any help!
  • It depends on how the style is designed (there is two main groups, in my opinion).
    Which style are you basing yours on?
    Or if you've made many changes already, easier to share your code via
  • I'm basing on this one:
    It is frustrating because I would need only a few changes in book, chapter and article journal, but any change in a category affects the other ones.
  • So, I made that style for you and actually said "here's a draft".
    If there is mistakes in that style, please comment on that thread for some fixes.
    We want to make these styles for everyone, not just single users. So let's fix it for all future contributors to that publisher.
  • Well, I'm going to go to that thread. I opened a new thread because the style in itself works fine, there are problems (from my pov) in modifying it.
  • edited February 5, 2021
    Yes, even if I helped you here, you'd then fix that style locally for yourself. And then?
    I invite you to contribute that modified style to the repository if you want:

    But I think it makes sense for me to modify the style. Easier for you and then I'll just get it updated on the repository.

    If you look within the "locators" macro of the style, you'll see a conditional for the various item types. In your case look for article-journal and chapter. There you can modify the group delimiters accordingly.

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