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In Zotero RDF there is a namespace declaration for "z:" and the Zotero Item types used. the namespace declaration is here: http://www.zotero.org/namespaces/export# It doesn't seem like those item types are specifically dereferenceable, but I have found a list here: https://aurimasv.github.io/z2csl/typeMap.xml where item are aligned with CSL types. So I am wondering if CSL has a declared namespace. I am happy to use the Zotero namespace for zotero items on the left side of the column, but if I need a dataset then I need to switch to the right side of the column and that means I should reference the CSL namespace. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  • No.
    Elements of CSL _styles_ have the cs: namespace, but since CSL data is principally in (CSL) JSON (and, in fact, has no XML/RDF representation I'm aware of) it doesn't have a namespace.
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    Awe, that's sad.... maybe I should make my own namespace... do you think the CSL team would be open to hosting a dereferencable namespace on their domain? I could ask on their forums, but if it is not their thing, then no use.

    BTW: the zotero name space doesn't really resolve to a helpful URL. Who should I make a suggestion to about that? some name spaces like DCMI or spaces registered with purl.org do resolve nicely for terms in the namespace. It would be nice if the zotero namespace terms did resolve as well. Its not like the data doesn't exist... it's all in the wiki. https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/item_types_and_fields... if there was a commitment to making the terms resolvable. I would be willing to put the terms and their definitions in a JSON file if that would be helpful. Assuming that each term and definition would be on display at its URI location.
  • Feel free to post to the CSL Discourse. In particular, we’d want to know what the use case would be here.
  • @adamsmith I think this is what I was looking for in the CSL 1.0.2 spec: :https://github.com/citation-style-language/documentation/blob/master/specification.rst#id17

    The CSL XML namespace URI is "http://purl.org/net/xbiblio/csl". The namespace prefix cs: is used throughout this specification when referring to CSL elements, but is generally omitted in favor of a default namespace declaration (set with the xmlns attribute) on the root cs:style or cs:locale element.
  • Continued on CSL forums: https://discourse.citationstyles.org/t/csl-namespace-version/1709 (but for others coming, here, please note that the cs: namespace refers to elements of CSL styles, not elements of CSL data)
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