Search by tag in Word add-in

My apologies, but I can't find a reference to searching by tag in the Word add-in (in the search window that appears when adding or editing a citation). Is this possible, and has it been sitting under my nose without me seeing the obvious?
  • edited January 30, 2021
    You can't currently search by tag in the main citation dialog. If you don't remember the title or author, you can search by tag in the classic dialog (by clicking on the Z icon to the left of the input box).

    We're working on an updated citation dialog that should have more options for searching/browsing.
  • Thanks, and it'll be good to see the updated citation dialog. But I can't for the life of me see where you can search by tag in the classic dialog.
  • The classic dialog has the normal Zotero search bar in the top right. All Fields & Tags mode searches tags.
  • Of course. Sorry, and thanks.
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