Incomplete filtering of advanced search

edited January 29, 2021

I have configured and saved an advanced search but it does not work as expected.

I'm working on a book project using notes which seems to be a very convenient way to organize the often multi-thematic text fragments and documenting their origin. I have freestanding notes and I have notes that are subordinate to particular documents (books, articles etc.). I use tags on the notes for different subject fields. To display all notes for a specific subject I use a filter with two criteria that both have to apply:
- Tag is equal to 'X'
- Type is equal to 'note'

Unfortunately this search not only returns notes but also all superordinate documents and all their attachments, even if theese do not have a corresponding tag. This tends to clutter the search results and is not what I expected.

Is there a better way to obtain what I'm looking for?

Thanks for any suggestions!

  • edited February 3, 2021
    Searches in Zotero always display parent and sibling rows of any matches. But non-matching items will be shown in gray, and in the items list (saved for an advanced search) a Select All will select just the matching items.
  • Thanks for clarifying. This default behavior makes very much sense for parent items where it seems almost unavoidable but - for my specific case - not so much for siblings. I'd appreciate if maybe in the future this might be reconsidered. Kind regards. Oliver
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