OpenOffice 3.0a1 zotero 2.0b7 causes FireFox to crash

I just upgraded to the new Zotero 2.0b7 and FireFox 3.5.3 on my MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.8. Zotero seems to work fine.

Installing the new Pythonext 2.6.1 seems to have gone OK.

But when I try to install the new OpenOffice Firefox extension, it causes Firefox to crash on startup. The only way I can get Firefox going again is by manually removing the OO Integration folder from my ../Library/Application Support/Firefox/Zotero folder.

It seems to have installed OK on my iMac desktop.

Michael Barton
  • Can you check that you have the latest Java update from Apple? Go to Apple menu->Software Updates and make sure it's not listing a Java update. If it is, install it.

    Also, is the Mozilla crash reporter (not the Apple crash reporter) kicking in after the crash? If so, send in an error report to Mozilla, restart Firefox, and load about:crashes in the address bar, click the top one in the list, and either post the Mozilla URL here or send it to, with a link to this thread. Thanks.
  • Dan,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

    Java is indeed the latest and greatest. The Mozilla crash reporter is kicking in. I've already sent a couple reports to Mozilla. I'll check the about crashes and send it to you.

    I also did a complete reinstall of Firefox and got the same results.

  • Dan,

    Here is the crass URL for Firefox. Thanks again for your help.


  • cmbarton, if you go to this page, does it also crash Firefox? If not, which version of Java does it report?
  • This thread on the Mozilla forum might be relevant to you. The proposed fix is to delete any files in ~/Library/Java/Extensions.
  • Which thread?

    Can you give me a URL?

  • He did. "This thread" is a link.
  • Thanks to both of you.

    I didn't see it in the post but did see the link in the email that came to me. This was the clue I need to fix this problem.

    There was nothing in ~/Library/Java/Extensions

    BUT there WERE a couple of jars in


    When I removed one of these the problem went away. For anyone else checking this, there are a LOT of files in


    I did not touch any of these. Some may be removable, but I'd leave this one as a last resort because there are clearly some important Java files in there. Start with your home folder, then try the Library folder at the root.

  • I have also had this issue - adding a citation, bib or editing document preferences for Zotero 2.03 from a newly installed OpenOffice 3.2.0 w/ latest citation extension causes firefox to crash.

    The solution offered in this thread works, ie. clear all files in


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