Small customizations to public Zotero libraries

It would solve several problems for researchers at my university if we could make small customization to a public Zotero libraries such as adding a title and a sentence of explanation. Like RefShare.

I realize that there are avenues to accomplish this now, such as Zotpress and custom programming, but I am talking about users who are interested in a simple, sustainable solution that is built into Zotero. No fancy color palettes or sophisticated searching, just a little extra text.

You could charge them a one-time fee and find a grant to fund the initial development. It would help distinguish Zotero from other products and add to your bottom line. I could retire happy.
  • You're aware that this is already possible on the landing pages for groups? See e.g.
    it just isn't for the libraries themselves, and that might be rather tricky to do
  • Thank you, Adam, this is a help. If this little bit of info could just be at the top of the library itself...

    What exactly do you mean by tricky? Costly in programmer time? Not near the top of the list of the upcoming developments? Something else?
  • I think the biggest issue is conceptual: The web library very intentionally mirrors the behavior of the local app. If I visit a group library while logged into Zotero, I'm seeing it in the context of my library and can switch back and forth between my library and the group library. It's unclear to me how "branding" would work for this behavior without being really confusing, and I don't think it makes sense to have these libraries branded only for visitors without Zotero accounts.
  • Could they be branded whether you are signed in or not? I'm all for everyone having a Zotero account and being signed in, but now, if I have this right, group libraries that are public and allow non-members to view them sort of have branding in that the name of the library appears as the only library listed in the left pane. So at least you have some clue about what you are viewing. If you are sign in and view the same library, the middle and right panes are the same but the left one lists all of your group libraries and the name of the one you are viewing is just in alphabetical order and if you have several, the name of the current one can be below the fold and not visible.
  • I think auto-focusing/scrolling on the currently active library in the left-hand pane, especially when loading a library via URL, seems like an excellent idea.

    @tnajdek is that possible? (I tested in Firefox that it's not currently the case)
  • It's not the case at the moment, but it would be nice. Issue created.
  • Any progress on this? Thanks.
  • This will be part of the next release, I'd expect it at some point later this week or early next week.
  • New behaviour is now live. Selected library (or collection) should now be scrolled into view in the left pane when visiting a group library. Thank you all for suggesting.
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