Removed PDFs but group storage usage did not change

This discussion was created from comments split from: Group library full even though ive dleted and made room.
  • I have a similar question, i am a goup owner and have bought some more storage, though one group member has problem, because our group-library is too big for his local Zotero...
    fistly I tried to remove as many pdfs as possible - bit the MB's in Group library did not change
    What can I do - and do I have to do something (understand the answer above as if it should not be any problem for the members if I have enough storage... )
    Thanks for answers!
  • The storage quota is an online limit, so you'd never be able to upload more than that, and anyone in the group could very well have more locally that hasn't yet synced. So when you delete files, it can quickly fill up with whatever local files haven't yet synced. You'll need to delete files until there's space to upload all local files, or switch to a larger plan.

    Note that you do have to empty the trash after deleting attachments.
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