Zotero Connector and Item Type "Audio Recording"


I am looking at a DSpace item record with an artifact which is an audio recording. However the connector is registering it as a Journal article. I'm trying to determine what is needed to switch it to an audio recording.


I know that importing as an audio recording is possible as I did it with:: https://cocoon.huma-num.fr/exist/crdo/meta/cocoon-a966a1bc-6642-36a3-8f87-e298a78678d3

I've fiddled with the code a bit and I can't get Zotero to import the metadata to the audio recording item type.

In the DSpace embedded metadata there is the DCMIType "sound" declared.

I've tried saving the DSpace webpage and removing meta tags but nothing seems to change Zotero Connector.

I'm running: 5.0.93

any pointers on this would be appreciated.
all the best,
  • dc.type="sound" should work, but I think Zotero is getting tripped up by the second dc.type property (primary-text) on that page (and note that the relevant bits are in the metaheader of the webpage, not what's listed in the metadata table).
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    Right, we're clear on that it is what is in the header that counts for Zotero Connector. However, on a local copy of the website (saved to disk, not zotero snapshot), I pull out all the header stuff except:
    <link rel="schema.DCTERMS" href="http://purl.org/dc/terms/">;
    <link rel="schema.DC" href="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/">;

    <meta name="DCTERMS.type" content="sound" xml:lang="en_US">

    and the connector tells me in the menu that it can't read the local website. The icon is grayed out. Any points on why that might be? here's a gist: https://gist.github.com/HughP/99963677b3a93ddfdc7e514bf5e5de0d

    I commented everything out, except the relevant part.

    but I do get the following in the Zotero Connector consol. So maybe it can't read local host or file system URLs?
    [JavaScript Error: "Cannot access contents of url "chrome-search://most-visited/single.html?title=Most%20visited&removeTooltip=Don%27t%20show%20on%20this%20page&enableCustomLinks=1&addLink=Add%20shortcut&addLinkTooltip=Add%20shortcut&editLinkTooltip=Edit%20shortcut". Extension manifest must request permission to access this host."]
  • You'd have to look at that in Scaffold or put the page online. Browser extensions can't access local files, so the connector is disabled for those.
  • Thank you. Is there a description page or tutorial, or youtube video on how to use scaffold? I've seen it talked about on the dev list but I don't know how to access it or use it.
  • Tools → Developer → Translator Editor

    Documentation could be better, but: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/translators/scaffold
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