Feature Request: Ability to save multiple browser tabs simultaneously

I frequently open several (or more!) browser tabs from a single source, e.g., a number of articles from a particular issue of a journal. It would speed my work if I could select multiple tabs and then save them in a manner similar to saving a single tab.
  • I doubt that's reasonably possible GUI-wise. From most journals, though, you _can_ save multiple items at once by clicking on the folder "Save to Zotero" icon displayed for the issue page. If that's not available for a given journal you can post here & we'll see if we can make that possible.
  • Wow! Thanks for the super quick response. I'll give your solution a try.
  • I've given the solution a try, and it works well with journals. But a lot of my research involves the popular press, e.g., newspapers and magazines, which don't seem to have this capability. Is there a solution/work around for articles that they contain?
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