Scannable Cite From Web Library


I'm a graduate student making the jump from MS Word to Scrivener for my writing projects. I have figured out my Mac's workflow using scannable cite in conjunction with ODF scan to export my Scrivener files to LibreOffice. However, I would also like to be able to work via Scrivener on my iPad. I eventually discovered my Zotero's web library, but when I tried to export the citations, scannable cite was not one of the 9,900+ options available.

Is there a solution that I'm missing here? If not, what are the chances that we can add scannable cite as a feature to the web library? Doing so would make working on iPadOS that much more feasible for us. Thanks!
  • I'm afraid not. Scannable Cite is not a citation style but a translator, so can't easily be added to the website. There used to be a bookmarklet that worked -- it's currently broken because we never fixed it after the Zotero website redesign, but bookmarklets also don't work well on iOS, so probably not worth the effort for that.
  • What would it take to make a Scannable Cite (pseudo) citation style for just this purpose?
  • It's just not possible. Citation styles don't have access to item IDs
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