Style Update: Elsevier - Harvard (with titles)

Dear All,

Can somebody update this existing style as referenced by the instruction for authors? For example the " [WWW Document]" is no longer present in the bibliography.

I also would like to ask if the style will be automatically downloaded by Zotero or I have to re-install it manually?

Thank you for your help in advance!
  • Can you please list all of the changes that need to be made ?
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    Dear bwiernik,

    I try to do my best.
    In text citations:
    If the author(s) of the webpage is known this should be cited, if not the title.

    For citing websites "[WWW Document]" is no longer present in the bibliography, if author(s) of the website known it should be the first field followed by the title. Besides the full internet link DOI links are also accepted for websites.

    For journal articles volume numbers are normal font, separated with comma instead of colon from the pages.

    Book edition numbers are not with number, but written out fully, eg.: third ed.

    These are the changes so far I have encountered.
    Thank you,

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