APA 6th not formatting correctly in reference list

I am using Zotero which seems to have been working well till now and automatically creating the reference list as add the in-text citations to a word document. However, I have noticed today that the formatting is incorrect and the references now contain all the first names of authors as opposed to their initials only. Does anyone have any ideas please?
  • Could you copy&paste a couple of examples here? Nothing about the style has change for months.
  • This is what it looks like

    Anderson, Joanna K., Emma Howarth, Maris Vainre, Ayla Humphrey, Peter B. Jones, and Tamsin J. Ford. 2020. “Advancing Methodology for Scoping Reviews: Recommendations Arising from a Scoping Literature Review (SLR) to Inform Transformation of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.” BMC Medical Research Methodology 20(1):1–14. doi: 10.1186/s12874-020-01127-3.
  • That's American Sociological Association. You want this style:
  • Yep, I want APA 6th. I have checked the settings and it definitely on APA6th but this is the format that has appeared in my references, it was right a couple of versions ago. Seems very strange. Very tempted to delete and start again.
  • The above citation is definitely not what Zotero will give you with APA 6th and it _is_ what it would output for "American Sociological Association, 6th edition".

    So we know that we're talking about the same thing, could you take a screenshot of your Document Preferences for that document, upload it to a free image hosting site (imgur.com, Dropbox, etc.) and link to it here?
  • Hi Adam,
    I have sorted it by deleting the list and starting again. Thank you for your help.
  • Deleting what list? The list of styles in the preferences? To be clear, that's absolutely not the fix here — there was nothing wrong with your installed styles. If you were getting the above output, you were selecting ASA, not APA. Note that you have to make the style selection in the Word plugin's Document Preferences window, not in the Zotero preferences, which is just for managing styles and isn't a place where you select anything for output.
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