Zotero Library .rdf file upload or import

I had to change laptops for work. I downloaded my Zotero library which is now in a shared secure folder as an .rdf file. How do I upload or import this library into my Zotero account?
  • Don't use export/import to transfer a Zotero library.

    Assuming you still have access to the old computer, or a backup of it, see Transferring a Library for how to do this.
  • Now you tell me. What is the export function for if not to transfer a library? I do not have access to that computer. The backup is the .rdf file of the Zotero library I created over some years. Please help or send some tissues.
  • You can import the RDF file using File --> Import
    It's not 100% lossless, breaks syncing, and breaks links to item in Word documents, so it's not ideal, but it works.

    (Export is for sharing items with other users & other tools; that's why you have multiple formats to choose from).
  • Fingers crossed...any more tips or tricks?

    I have now turned on Sync, which I thought I had activated before, but the system couldn't find my e-mail address so I had to create a new account with my e-mail address and password.
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    Sync isn't relevant if you haven't used it up to this point, but just to be clear, you're posting here, so you already had an account. You should use the same one for syncing and delete whatever new account you created (if you're referring to a different account).
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