Searching for exact match


I need to search for "Philo", but am not able to exclude "philosophy" from the hits.

Thanks for any advice on this.

Best regards,
  • If you want to search for Philo as a word, you can search for "Philo " or " Philo " (including quotation marks) and that'll work nicely. If you want to search for Philo as a word part but exclude philosophy, use advanced search and "does not contain" philosophy
  • Thank you, Adam, much appreciated. Would it be possible to search for content which contain both "Philo" and "philosophy" (as much content related to "Philo" mention "philosophy").
  • Use match “all” conditions and search for both “philo “ and “philosophy “ with spaces inside the quotes
  • Thank you for reaching out! I might do it wrong, but it looks like this will also give results which does not contain "Philo" but "philosophy" only.
  • Do you have the space and quotation marks?
  • This seems like it doesn't work anymore.
    I'm searching for "tempora ", and I get all results with words like temporal.
    Has something changed?
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