Help!! I have downloadet a version, doesn't work..

My zotero has been saying for a while that I needed an upgrade. But when I tried to update the version- it comes up with an error message that says that I do not have the right to download. However I followed the link to new zotero updates and through I had updated my previous version. It turns out that now it does not work at all! It comes up with the following message:

This Zotero database requires Zotero 5.0.94 or later.
Current version: 5.0.57
Please upgrade to the latest version from

But that is EXACTLY what I aready did. Can anyone help?

best to all out there
  • As it says, you should download the latest version from the download page.
  • Well that is exactly what made the problem in the first place. I did download from the Zotero download page as requested, but it turned out that the newest one on the page is an older one than I had?? That's what I do not understand!
  • No, if you're getting that message, you're running Zotero 5.0.57, which is absolutely not the version being offered from the download page.

    You don't say what OS you're running, but if this is Windows, uninstall Zotero from Add/Remove Programs and then reinstall it from the download page.
  • I am running Windows 10. Sorry about duplicate threads I did not realize I could post answers and questions here!

    Best Kristina
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