Two studies published in the same year by the same author - citations go wrong

Hello everyone,
i tried every solution that i could think of and still the issue is not resolved: I use the APA zitation stile 7th edition. I have two studies in my library from the same author, published both in 2017. One in the beginning of February and one in the end. I corrected the metadata in the library, so that both Documents have the correct and same first authors name. Both documents have more than 3 authors. I would like the citations to present as "Pruessner et al. 2017a" and "Pruessner et al. 2017b", which is the correct stile of APA. Instead, the citation uses the second authors surname (M. Pruessner, Bechard-Evans, et al., 2017). for distinction. (The M. is correct, because there is another author named Pruessner in my citations).
I tried to delete and reinsert the citations, i checked that they are connected to the library, i changed the first authors firstname, i even tried to manually insert the suffix b into the edit citation field, but still the second author appeared. I would be really glad about any advise, thanks in advance!!
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