Zotero Connector: Cannot choose location for PDFs but for other sites


Apparently Zotero Connector doesn't allow me to choose the "destination" collection for (sites displaying) PDFs, but can do so for other resources. Details on observed behavior, expected behavior and the software versions follow.

Observed behavior:
When I visit a site displaying a PDF, the Zotero Connector shows a PDF icon. When I click it, it shows a "waiting" animated icon that changes into a green checkmark as soon as the download is complete. At no point of this procedure did I find the option to choose the collection to save to: Neither right-clicking nor clicking on the green checkmark yielded any results.
So far, I had to open the desired collection in the desktop app _before_ saving the PDF.
This is in stark contrast to the procedure available for other sites: In that case, the Zotero icon looks e.g. like a generic page, and pressing it results in a pop-up window where I can select the destination collection. Also, in that case, repeated clicking on the Zotero icon will result in several downloads, whereas repeated clicking in the PDF case has no effect whatsoever -- the green checkmark persists, even when I switch collections in the desktop app. If I want to download a PDF several times, I need to reload the page.

Expected behavior:
I would have expected that the pop-up window with collection & tag selection also appears when I save a PDF, not only other types of resources. Also, repeated saving should be possible as it is for sites displaying other content.

Software versions:
Zotero connector: 5.0.77
Zotero desktop: 5.0.94
Browser: Firefox 84.0.2 (64-bit)

Since I'm a new user, it may well be that I am missing something and that the error lies on my side :)

Thanks much for your help in advance.
  • Firefox doesn't allow full add-on functionality when looking at PDFs, so while this isn't exactly intentional (you can select the collection for PDFs when using Chrome/Edge), it's expected behavior on Firefox.
  • ok thanks!
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