Why does author's first name show in in-text citation when changes the first name in Zotero library

It shows correctly when I insert a reference in Word, such as (Qiang et al., 2021), however, after I change the first name in Zotero library, such as change Qiang, Jin to Qiang, Jing, save the changes in zotero, and refresh in Word, then the citation changes to (Jing Qiang et al., 2021). And if I change to another style and change back to apa 7th, then it shows correctly again to (Qiang et al., 2021). Does anyone know the reason? Thanks.
It is nothing about the given_name disambiguation, this error remains when only ONE reference is inserted.
  • Is there a dashed underline? If so, it's this:

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    thanks @dstillman , no there is no underline, please see the screenshot
  • Can you reproduce this in a new, empty document? If so, can you provide the exact steps?
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    It can be reproduced in a new documnet. The gif steps can be viewed in the following address. http://chuantu.xyz/t6/741/1610438508x1700338641.gif
  • https://ws28.cn/f/4g8me2r3bla

    the original format can not be uploaded to google drive or dropbox, I don't know why.
  • @adomasven @fbennett A few years ago, there was an issue where the name store (e.g., for disambiguation and sorting) for a document wasn't updating when an item was edited in the library, but only when the style was initialized. That was fixed, but there have been a few reports like this recently where it seems to have returned.
  • @bwiernik, thanks for your attention
  • There are a number of weird things going on here -- have you customized the styles at all? E.g. APA 6th uppercases the name, which is odd.
    Jing also gets included as a full name in the bibliography, which suggests that Zotero _does_ try to disambiguate against another J. Qiang
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    I did cutomized the apa 6th. However, after I deleted all the apa 6th and apath, reinstalled all these versions, this error still appear. And No other same J. Qiang in the author list.

    I also tried to change the given name from Qiang to Qian, and refresh, it displayed correctly.

    The gif steps, the two websites are the same gifs:
  • Thanks! I can replicate this with a random item and APA 7.
    @adomasven -- any ideas here? I don't think this is a citeproc-js issue since everything looks right when switching back & forth between styles. Almost looks like data & citation updating are occurring in some weird order that has Zotero remember the original data while the new data are update:
    e.g. if you change the first name to one starting with a different letter, the citation is still disambiguated, but now using initials. If you're changing both first and last name, there's no disambiguation.
  • @johnmy Can you run two more tests?

    First, create a document with two items—this Quiang item and one that would sort after it with a different last name. Change the last name of Quiang so that it should sort second and Refresh the document. Does the sort order update?

    Second, same as above, but make the second item have the last name Quiang but different first name. Change the first name of the first Quiang item so that it should sort second. Refresh. Does the sort order update?
  • Both cases change the order of bibliography.

    please refer the gif:

    Test 1: https://ibb.co/qFCmB8x
    Test 2: https://ibb.co/7zq1XJh
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