capture items from catalogues in 2 differents folders

I would like to capture the same item in two different folders, but I can’t. I take the example with Worldcat. When I try to capture the same item in another folder, Zotero opens a window to select another folder. But it moves the item from one folder to another and it does not create a copy. I have also tried with other catalogs. The only way I found it was, in Zotero, to copy the item to another folder. But it’s not very practical. How can I do it?
Thank you et bonne année

  • If you mean you want to select multiple collections while saving an item, that's not possible, sorry.
  • After you have saved the item, click on it in Zotero and drag it to the other collection. The Item will then be in both collections.
  • Thank you.. I see that is not possible to save the same item in multiple collection in only one manip.
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