"Add by identifier" does nothing from library in browser

Everything works fine on Zotero Desktop. Recently got an iPad and have been using Papership. Reading and annotating in Papership work fine for me, but I am unable to add any new items even with an arXiv identifier. Of course, Papership is buggy and not supported, so I decided to use Zotero on the web.

I copy the arxiv identifier to the clipboard. Loaded library on Zotero.org fine. I select "Add by identifier" from three-dot menu on the right. The "Add item" box open, I enter the arXiv identifier, and I press enter. The "Add item" box closes briefly, flashes back open briefly again, and then closes for good. Nothing else happens, and the item isn't added to the library.

Note: if I put in a wrong identifier (like a complete arXiv url), it says "Zotero could not find any identifiers in your input. Please verify your input and try again." But when I give it a correct identifier, it does the flash-then-nothing.
  • Tried this again today with same procedure and the error didn’t occur. Item added successfully. Not sure what the difference is, but this can be considered resolved. (I will re-open if it happens again.)

    Note: this was in Chrome on iPad.
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