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Hello there,

I am so frustrated with not being able to find accurate citation and reference style for my work. The journal "Mammalia" that I am submitting my paper to has updated its requirements and changed it to what they call "Harvard Reference Style". So I would like to request if anyone could help me with that. The Harvard styles in the zotero style repository do not meet my requirements. Please find the guidelines at

Thank you in advance!
  • See here for details needed to request a citation style:

    The main person who makes journal styles, @damnation, has been quite busy lately, so it may not be possible for the style to be made very quickly, but you could contact him about expediting it.
  • You could also take an existing Harvard style and edit it yourself to meet your needs
  • I'll have a look tonight.
  • Thank you so much for your response @bwiernik and @damnation.
  • It doesn't actually look like a ton has changed from the existing Mammalia style -- mainly the fact that dates in the bibliography are now in parentheses, probably a couple of other small things.
  • Rigth click, save as, install via menu or double click:

    (Guidelines have a bunch of mistakes)
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    HI @damnation Thank you so much for helping. I have some major requirements missing somehow as listed below. Could you please have a look at it? I have a deadline coming and don't know what to do.

    1) First names of authors seem to appear at front in the reference, apart from first author. Please make the lastnames at front.
    2) Scientific names need to be italicized. (I had used a code that had inequality sign with slash and 'i' in it previously, but it is not working now)
    3) Need italic titles for books, thesis, proceedings and conferences
    4) Require the university name and address appear for thesis in references

    Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you!
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    You didn't install the style and/or are using it, if you cannot see 1 and 3. Please double-check a style with yesterday's timestamp is available in your Zotero style settings and is also selected under Document Preferences in Word in the Zotero pane.

    Fixed some smaller things though:

    2) Has nothing to do with the CSL style. You can use HTML markup for italics in the Zotero fields though.
  • Yes. I can see the time stamp of 1/10/2021. But still have problems as stated above and examples are listed below:

    1) Journal (Html marks on "Rhinolophus luctus" did not work; see the author's names)

    Baniya S., B. Sharma, C. Khanal, N. Raut, and P.R. Acharya. (2019). Record of great woolly horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus luctus, Temmick 1834) in western Nepal. J. Bat Res. Conserv. 12(1).

    2) Thesis (No university and address; title is not italics)

    Acharya P.R. (2006). Distribution of roosting and survival threats of bat in Pokhara valley with reference to species and population survey at Chamere Gupha.

    3) Books (author's names; title not italics)

    Bates P.J.J. and D.L. Harrison. (1997). Bats of the Indian subcontinent. Harrison Zoological Museum, England.

    Wilson D.E. and R.A. Mittermeier (Eds.). (2019). Handbook of the mammals of the world, Vol. 9: Bats. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona, Spain.

    5) Web page
    Simmons N.B. and A.L. Cirranello. (2020). Bat species of the world: a taxonomic and geographic database, Available at: (Accessed 28 August 2020).

    What might be the problem?
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    1) again, not a CSL issue. <i></i> should work though.

    2) Prints out correctly for me:
    Hawking S. (1966). Properties of expanding universes. Doctoral thesis, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

    3) Prints out correctly for me:
    Isaacson W. (2011). Steve Jobs. Simon & Schuster, New York, NY.

    5) Prints out fine for me:
    CSL search by example. (2012). Citation Style Editor, Available at: < > (Accessed 15 December 2012).

    Fixed a small issue:
  • Thank you so much @damnation for all this haste. Everything is fine now, except for the fact that the reference with the following code is the one undoes the Mammalia csl style. As soon as I use it, all other references change itself (eg., all italics change into normal).

    address = {Kathmandu, Nepal},
    title = {Distribution of roosting and survival threats of bat in {Pokhara} valley with reference to species and population survey at {Chamere} {Gupha}},
    language = {English},
    school = {Central Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan University},
    author = {Acharya, Pushpa Raj},
    year = {2006}

    Is there any problem with this code? I exported the reference as BibTex and copy-pasted here.
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    Still not working....
    @damnation could you please help me with the BiBTex file for this thesis in google scholar
    "Distribution of roosting and survival threats of bat in Pokhara valley with reference to species and population survey at Chamere Gupha" by Acharya (2006)

    This is the culprit for all the mess..
  • If a single reference causes an issue, that has nothing to do with the citation style. It's either incorrect input data or something wrong with Zotero.
    I'm also not quite sure what "this mess" refers to, so it's hard to troubleshoot; you'd need to be more precise
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    From "mess', I meant that when I use that particular reference mentioned above, it completely undoes the reference style.

    So if I could get help for the BibTex file for this thesis "Distribution of roosting and survival threats of bat in Pokhara valley with reference to species and population survey at Chamere Gupha" by Acharya (2006)

    It can be found in google scholar.
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  • "It completely undoes the reference style" really is not a description we can do anything with, but if you're referring to italics, this really is almost certainly the issue Rintze links to above. How have you tried to address that?
  • Sorry for being obscure. Yes, it undoes italics.
    I read that article shared by Rintze. Actually I could not really understand what that article meant to say regarding this problem. :(
  • Hi @damnation,

    I have continued in this thread as asked. I have following requests to be addressed in the "Mammalia" style.

    1. In-text citation should follow alphabetical order (not chronological order).
    2. There should be commas also after each author last name in the bibliography section.
    Eg. Kaye, K., Day, R.D., Hair, E.C., Moore, K.A., Hadley, A.M., Teixeira, P.J.,
    Helmschrott, S., Massing, N., Ackermann, D., Yuan, M., et al. (2009). Parent
    marital quality and the parent‐adolescent relationship: effects on sexual
    activity among adolescents and youth. Marriage & Fam. Rev. 45: 270–288.

    This is the link to the guidelines (let me know if you can access).
    Also link that contains few open access papers from the journal

    Hope this helps!
    Let me know if anything else.
    Thank you!
  • Thank you so much @damnation.
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