How to share lots and lots of Folders with Group?


I have about 100 Folders with 10-75 items in each that I would like to share with my Group.

It appears I have to create a new Folder in my Group and then drag and drop each correlating Folder's contents. That's not very efficient.

Any help?

  • Sure...

    My Library:

    Folder 1, 35 items
    Folder 2, 55 items
    Folder 3, 15 items

    80 more Folders.

    [How to efficiently share all those Folders with my group? Currently I have to 1) create a Folder with the same name in the Group Library, 2) Go back and open the Folder in My Library, 3) Copy 35 items, 4) Go back to Group Library and paste items. This takes too long!]

    Group Library:


    Thanks for your help.
  • You can drag entire collections -- not multiple parallel collections at once, but you don't have to create them new & drag over their content.
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