Citation Editor added, why?

Chapters from edited books are cited in text with the names of editors. Could anybody say, why this happens? Editors are no authors and should not cited in text.

Here is an example of the code in text.

[zotpressInText item="{7160308:KL43M2IA}" format="%a%, %d%"]

What's wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

G√ľnter Roth

  • Start by replicating this within Zotero and specify which citation style. Most styles would indeed not do this. If this does happen in Zotero, we can look at the citation style (and the relevant metadata on your end). If it doesn't happen in Zotero, you'd have to report to ZotPress, which is maintained entirely by an independent developer.
  • Ok, sorry, it happened in wordpress, citing by zotpress, apa style.
    It does not happen in word, here the citation ist regular (author date). So, I have to post in the zotpress forum, sorry.
  • but perhaps somebody knows a solution?
  • because I couldn't post it in the zotpress-forum
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