BibTeX, Endnote export broken

Both BibTeX and Endnote/Refer/BibIX export formats are broken in 1.0.0b4.r5, at least for newspaper articles.

For example, a newspaper article pulled from Lexis-Nexis with a title (Rice Rejects Linking Iran's Charges to U.S. Acts), author (Cooper, Helene), publication (The New York Times), and date (May 30, 2007) set exports in the following way:

title = {Rice Rejects Linking Iran's Charges to U.S. Acts},
journal = {The New York Times},
author = {HELENE COOPER},
month = may,
year = {2007}

The problem here is the month, which should be formatted as
month = may # "~30,"
according to btxdoc.pdf; see
(the recording of Lexis-Nexis titles with bold formatting and uppercase author names are problems with the Lexis-Nexis screen scraper)

%0 Newspaper Article
%T Rice Rejects Linking Iran's Charges to U.S. Acts
%D 2007-05-30 May 30, 2007

The problem here is twofold: first, the journal name isn't exported:
%B The New York Times

and the year and date fields are combined; they should be separated:

%D 2007
%8 May 30

See "EndNote Import.enf" for this convention.

Is there a formal bug tracker for Zotero?
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