cannot switch from in-text citation to footnote

I have Zotero and am using it with Word and Google Docs. I want to insert footnotes. No matter what style I select, I can only get in-text citations. I have no options to switch to inserting footnotes.
  • How exactly are you using Zotero in both Word and Google Docs? Moving from Google Docs to other word processors requires special steps. So, if you just downloaded the document and opened it in the other program, the citations would have been disconnected from Zotero and wouldn't change at all (e.g., if you change styles).

    If your document has live citations, changing to a note style like Chicago (full note) would convert the citations.
  • Thanks. Is Chicago (full note) the only built-in style that allows footnotes?

    What I meant was that I have tried using Zotero in both Word and in Google Docs.
    Not both at the same time. I know how to move from GD to Word - have done the special steps.

  • Among the included styles, yes, I think Chicago (full note) is the only footnote one. But there are several hundred more to choose from otherwise:
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