Style request: page number in Mimesis style

Primarily, I thank you very much for creating this style I appreciate so much.

My main problem is that when I use the style within a footnote, the page number I point out to, doesn’t appear. How may I add this feature? I don’t know well the CSL coding and so I don’t know where to put my hand.

The issue is explained for example at p. 4 of the guidelines and exemplified with this two examples:
Cattaruzza S., Sinico M. (a cura di), Husserl in laboratorio. Appunti, E.U.T.,
Trieste 2005, pp. 235-270.
M. Weber, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Mohr, Tübingen 1920; tr. it. Economia e società, vol. I,
Comunità, Milano 1968, p. 432.

By the way, I point out some terms that are already in French. These are the Italian translation
editor => a cura di
editortranslator =>cura e traduzione di
translator =>trad.
retrieved =>cit. in
from =>da
presented at =>presentato al
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