[Feature Request] "Undo" in citation editing

It happened to me a couple of times now that I want to adjust something for a reference (Zotero main program, in the middle the references are listed, I click on a reference and the details are shown on the right (with the tabs 'Info', 'Notes', Tags, Related; I'm on Info).

For example, I want to change the authors first name from "Robert R" to "R R" (see my other thread for why I'm doing this). Then Zotero makes suggestions for authors in an automatically appearing little box. Sometimes I click on a name by accident (touching the trackpad on a laptop or alike), and the whole name of the author changes to the selected one.

Then I can see no way to 'Undo' this and go back to the old name. If I don't know the author I just overwrote by accident by heart (which often is the case if it's not the first author), I have to look for the paper in Google or so again, and re-enter the correct author manually.

Would it be possible to make Undo available for such operations? (it's greyed out)
  • As a side point, I strongly recommend changing items to "Robert R" rather than "R R". Many styles call for full names always or at least for disambiguation (e.g., to distinguish Richard R from Robert R).
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