Is there a way to duplicate item with its notes at once?

edited January 8, 2021
When I duplicate an item with some notes, I have duplicated item without notes.

So, when I want to make another item with the same notes, I have to make 2-step copy and paste: (1) duplicate item, (2) duplicate each note and drag it into duplicated item.

Is there a way to duplicate item with its notes at once?

Thanks in advance.
  • No. What's the use-case here? Why do you want to duplicate notes?
  • edited January 8, 2021
    Here's my scenario:

    I have made 100 notes for Plato's Republic (translated by A).
    I add other translation of the same work (translated by B).
    I want to preserve notes for the first Republic (trans. by A) and at the same time make some modified notes for the second translation based on already made notes.

    For this my present method:
    - Export Republic (by A)
    - Import the item.
    - Modify translator, etc.

    However, I think it's good if there is an easier way to duplicate notes at once and add them to other items.
    With Zutilo, I could use "copy child items to relocate", but actually it is move, not copy.
  • If you copy a reference into a group library, having in preferences the option to copy the reference with its child notes, when you copy it back into the main library it comes with the notes, right? You may set a group for your use only and to do this.
  • No, you can’t drag an item back from a group like that. It won’t copy back.
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