Firefox Zotero Connector deletes existing tags

Hello everyone,
Thanks to the developers & contributors for creating this excellent tool.
I'd like to contribute a bug report.

Observed behavior:
When I use the Zotero connector for an item that already exists in the library, the Zotero connector *deletes* the tags of the existing item.
Currently, to avoid this, one would have to mentally keep track of what items are already in the library. I have not found other fixes to this problem so far.

Expected behavior:
Instead, I'd have expected that Zotero Connector either
a) warns me about adding a duplicate (and the risk of overwriting existing tags), or
b) shows the existing tags (or simply the full existing collection entry).

Software versions:
Zotero connector: 5.0.77
Zotero: 5.0.94
OS: macOS

  • This is some sort of misunderstanding. Adding an item has absolutely nothing to do with items already in the library. There's simply no connection.
  • Thanks for the prompt answer.
    Sorry, my bad, I now see where I went wrong :)
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