Cursor in word automatically jumps to bibliography

I am using the word for mac (version 16.44). I have inserted citations and generated bibliography in word. But when I edit the paragraphs, the cursor automatically jumps to the bibliography and sometimes a part of the paragraphs is deleted. I happened to two documents I am editing. And once I unlink the citation and bibliography or I make the in-text citation a pure text, the problem has gone.

My zotero is the latest version. Please help to solve the issue. Thanks in advance.
  • If the cursor is jumping in the document, it means that you have recently clicked the Add/Edit Bibliography or Refresh buttons in the Zotero plugin and Zotero is updating the document. Unfortunately that currently doesn't display any progress bar, but we're working to improve that situation. You shouldn't edit the document while Zotero is updating it.
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