Citing a Source Reprinted Within Another Source

I have a book that compiles articles originally printed either in journals or as part of other books, and I would like your thoughts as to how to reference it in Zotero properly. I could not find this question anywhere within the forum, so here it is. Thank you!
  • I'd include it as a book section with information as it appears in the book and then original-date: 1949 (or whatever it is) for the original date of publication. If you do want to cite the full original citation, that can't be done in Zotero.
  • Do you think it would be possible to use the following format manually adding "Rpt. in": original citation (from Zotero). Rpt. in new citation (from Zotero)

    I guess I am trying to avoid having to go back and keep track of these types of situations... Thoughts?
  • Yeah, that'd absolutely work. I think traditionally it would not be customary to include the original version, which you presumably don't have, in a reference list/bibliography, but you can cite it and style guides are somewhat flexible on this.
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