Zotero for iPad. What’s going on?

Many researchers rely today mainly on iPad as their main device, but the lack of iPad support is really distracting and it complicates the workflow (reading-research-writing...etc.). I am aware that Zotero app for iPad is in development, but I can’t see any updates on this topic since its announcement on march 2018. Is it cancelled already? Is their any documentation regarding the progress? Or a beta version to test? Or a place to support the work? This is an open source project and I expected development to be more open and transparent with its community.
  • Addressed here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/80132/mobile-app

    The app will be released when it's ready.
  • The discussion thread you are referring to is more then one year old. Will not major financial support help speed up the development? How about some crowdfunding? I estimate that the percentage of Zotero users who are willing to pay is actually quite high.

    I have been using Zotero for many years (and even paid a few times for some extra cloud storage) but seeing no progress towards a truly usable mobile support, I have started considering migration to some other platform lately.
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