Error Importing references to Zotero

Hi, I am trying to import a lot of references from PsychoInfo into Zotero. It starts off working fine using the translator button but after a while this error message comes up.

An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information.

I can then add one or two individually before the error appears again. I have tried the trouble shooting but nothing has fixed this. I need to import hundreds of references, can you advice how to fix this. Also I can't seem to import more than 20 at a time (when it works), can I import more in one go?
  • The site is blocking you, which, if you're accessing via PsycNet, it does extremely aggressively — PsycNet is a terrible site to work with. See site access limits for the general options for working around this (which may or may not be possible here).
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    Here is how I keep from going crazy when importing APA-published journal articles.

    1 Newly published articles. Visit the journal website. Copy the article DOI and paste it into the Zotero magic wand. Open the abstract using the 'button' under the DOI. Copy and paste it to Zotero. Do *not* click on titles one after the other to view title with abstract. You will be forced to a CAPTCHA after 6 requests within 5 minutes.

    2. Literature search using ... Similar to #1 above but copy DOI then abstracts from the search results list.

    3. Literature search with selection of items using tick-boxes and export to reference software. You will encounter a CAPCHA after more than 10 to 20 items selected. Use the export of ticked articles only a very few at a time. If you try to download "too many" you will not receive a CAPTCHA but will be blocked for 24 hours (or so).

    Using 1 and 2 I can import (one at a time) articles as fast as I can copy and paste -- several per minute. I think that this is because Zotero's magic wand gets the DOI metadata from CrossRef and the PsycNet site doesn't penalize you for viewing the abstract but only for metadata+abstract downloads.

    I have a PsycNet license to my IP and even with that I still sometimes encounter a CAPTCHA.
    The problem I have with their captcha system is not only is it intrusive, it can take as much as a full minute or more before you are offered the captcha. The website becomes unresponsive. waiting for the captcha.

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