spelling out abbr in Chicago author-date reference list

In Chicago author-date style, one can use abbreviations for some well-known organizations (e.g., CDC) for in-text citations but has to spell out their full names in the reference list

The Chicago Manual of Style:

In this case, how to set up an item properly in Zotero so that it will correctly render the citation in both places?

If this is not currently supported, please consider this as a feature request.

  • Not currently supported -- CSL will support this in version 1.1, expected out some time later this year.
    My standard way of doing this currently is to use the acronym as the author and the full name as the publisher -- I actually find that preferable to having a divergent in-text and bibliography list spelling.
  • @adamsmith Thanks for the info. Any suggestion for Web Page item that doesn't have a Publisher filed?
  • I think Chicago style would recognize publisher: Name of Organization in Extra but I haven't tested
  • @adamsmith Thanks. It worked.
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