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  • This is not working on my WIn 7 PC. Sync after reset (group library) takes longer but only a few files are downloaded. REpeating the procedure makes no difference.
    I installed zotero fresh on another (win10) portable. There all the files got downloaded at initiation (i.e. immediately after activating the account on that PC and clicking "sync").
  • I'm trying to sort out a problem with syncing. On syncing only some files are downloaded in a group library, also after "RESET" sync history for that library.
    When I end the debug with submit debug output I get an error message (after about 10sec). (Win 7 PC. Zotero 5.0.94
    Relevant library sync enabled, download on sync enabled, automatic syc disabled).
    Could it be a change of quota Issue ? Our society upgraded quota after I installed teh Zotero app. It says my quota is 300MB bit I presume that is for "My library" and not the group library.

    I checked the web/server library by installing the Zotero app on a WIN 10 PC and linked to the same account. All files downloaded at first try (i.e initiation of the Zotero library on that PC).

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    We'll need the debug output requested on Files Not Syncing. If you can't submit it, save it to a text file, zip it, and email it with a link to this thread.
  • Yes, it is set to file download on sync. As I wrote, some are.

    Also, see above,
    "When I end the debug with submit debug output I get an error message (after about 10sec)."

  • See my message.
  • Sorry, Yes, of course I checked all this. The files are certainly accessible, e.g. when I click on the parent item or on the pdf child entry in the library. But, it is nit in the cache and it was not downloaded (as can be seen by the hollow "attched" ring) and also by the rerror message I get with "show file".
    a) Some files are downloaded on sync
    b) Many are not
    c) all are available when clicking the cild item or the parent item
    d) RESET sync history does not help
  • I'm asking for the debug output requested on that page. We can't help you without that.
  • Sorry again, I don't kniw what you mean by "save it". Where is it? Is it in the Copoy/Paste buffer? I don't see any output during debug.
  • From Debug Output Logging:
    Error Submitting a Debug Log

    If submitting output fails, you can return to the Debug Output Logging menu and select View Output, go to File → “Save…”, choose Format: “Text Files”, and save the output to a file, which you can email to with a link to your forum thread. It can be helpful to ZIP the file before emailing it.
  • I will try debug again and see if I find it. Bear with me...thanks.
  • This time I didn't get an error on "submit".
    The error code is D1914108841
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    (3)(+0000004): No remote storage changes for […] -- skipping file downloads
    Make a change to a file in the library in question — e.g., upload a file from the web interface or from another synced computer. Then do Reset File Sync History again on this computer and sync. I believe there's a bug where "Reset File Sync History" doesn't currently override a particular optimization that prevents excessive download attempts when nothing has changed remotely.
  • @aviring-oslo: Not sure why you just sent another debug log, but what I said in my previous message still applies. You need to make a remote change to trigger file downloads.
  • Sorry, I was waiting for a response from you. Didn't realize that this page doesn't auto-update, so I only now saw your EMail and did "reload of this page. I'm a nebie to the Forum. Probably a setting in my chrome...
    I will try your fix and report briefly.
  • I added (chrome connector) a file to the library from a journal (site) and checked that the parent and child items showed up in the library. I then did a "reset sync history" and sync but it didn't fix the problem,
    New debug ID D915555926
  • The connector saves to your local Zotero if you have it open. As I say, you need to make this change remotely (e.g., on the website).
  • Yes, I see things are downloading now. Thanks.
    I needed to solve this on order to be sure I get a proper backup with all files (and nit just links to files) with "Export Library".
    So, for the time being, for my backups I should do a remote change , then reset sync history, then sync and then "Export" ?
  • No, this isn't necessary in normal usage. I'm not sure how you got into this situation, but as long as you leave "at sync time" enabled, you'll have all files locally going forward

    The bug here is just a problem with Reset File Sync History not resetting the full history, but Reset File Sync History is only necessary in rare situations to begin with (e.g., if you delete the local 'storage' folder in your Zotero data directory). You shouldn't need to use it.

    But also note that Export Library isn't a backup. See Backing Up Your Zotero Data.
  • OK, thanks for now. Happy New Year!
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