Loading problems: Error ID: 632027043

As I eliminated most of the PDFs, it appears that the overall situation got a bit better. But IN THIS PARTICULAR PC, I often get the kind of error such as 632027043. I very much would like to understand the reason for this. In my other computer, things are much better. But this is my main station and so I am worried. Sometimes while making notes the screen just gets dark and I have to start Zotero again. Today I just went to MY LIBRARY and Zotero became non-respondent. Sometimes I wonder if I have some kind of a problem with the disk. Does this make sense? THANK YOU for your kind assistence!
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    1) Check your database integrity from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.

    2) How many items in this library?

    3) How much RAM on this computer?
  • Sorry for the delay in answering. I had hopes that things were on safe groud after I deleted more than 90% of attached files (pdf's). Now I am back to the problem of ZOTERO taking hours and hours and hours to load up my Library. I need help once again. I kindly request your assistance once again. My Library has now more than 200K items. My computer has 16 G RAM. But it is not loading up the library. The program either crashes or keeps «running» without properly loading the files in the library. My question: What can be done? Would the creation of multiple Profiles solve the problem? If so, how to create/manage them? I tried some of the instructions but had no success. Please, help! This is becoming dramatic for me as I invested so much time and energy into this Program, as I was convinced that it was/is the best. I still trust that a meaningful solution is available. I need your help. Thank you!
  • The problem has not been solved. Why is the discussion closed? I am trying to solve the problem on my own. But now I am unable to move further. Why are you leaving me without an answer? Thank you.
  • You waited two months to respond to my last message. You're going to have to be a little patient until someone is able to help you. And creating duplicate threads makes it harder for us to do so.
  • Yes, and I am sorry. I waited because all of a sudden I could work. I immagine that you have inumerous requests. For that reason I refrained from keeping you busy. But now it appears that the situation is different. Before, after restarting Zotero 15-20 times, the program would work fine. Now I restarted the programa many more times than that and the results are still null. This morning, however, a new Id Nr came out and so I send it to a new thread hoping that that would be the thing needed for us to proceed. I apologize for my inadequacy in dealing with this forum. I will continue to be patient and shall wait for your best technical answer(advice. I apologize to you for my mistake and hope that you/your team will not leave me without a solution. Please, do so as soon as possible/feasible. Thanks again.
  • As per «miracle», the MyLibrary just loaded up. Is this the answer? You can not imagine how happy and grateful I am. But: is there an explanation why in this partiuclar system (my main one) this difficulty while reloading Zotero tends to appear? Shall I just continue with my work? Is there anything I can do in order to stabilize things a bit more? If an answer is possible, I shall appreciate. Thank you!
  • Are both computers running Windows?

    Including child items, you have 400K items in your library (at least online). That's unfortunately just beyond what we've ever really tested Zotero at, and you're very likely to run into problems, particularly on Windows where Zotero is still 32-bit. There's a good chance it'd work better on macOS or Linux, where Zotero is 64-bit and is able to use more memory.

    We have plans for a 64-bit Windows build, but I'm not sure when it will be available, so reducing the size of your library is likely your only option.

    You could use multiple profiles as a workaround, but we don't generally recommend that, and you couldn't use them with the same Zotero account.
  • Yes, both computers are runing Windows. The difference is that the second computer is a more recent one and not loaded with as many things as the main one. I appreciate your answer very much. Thanks for the clarification. I will reflect on the issue. It would be enormously appreciated if the Zotero 64-bit Windows could be available soon. For now, I just appreciate your answer. Should I get into the problem again, please, allow me to get back to you. I have the sure impression that whenever I contact you the problem gets solved. Please, allow me to do so again if needed. For the moment, it is vital for me. Thank you!
  • «You could use multiple profiles as a workaround, but we don't generally recommend that, and you couldn't use them with the same Zotero account.»

    Can I open a second or even a third Zotero Account? How to do that without affecting the MAIN Account I have? Would the creation of another account solve the problems I was having with the uploading of my main Library as reported above? What is your ADVISE regarding the best way for me to proceed with Zotero since I still need to develop further my databases? Thanks so much for the support.
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