Style Error: [University of Kent - Harvard]


The Zotero style doesn't follow the University of Kent's own Harvard style guide (can be accessed here

For example when referencing a journal with multiple authors, the bibliography will output the 1st author's name only and follow it by "et al." Instead of printing all of the authors names out, as is standard practice in the bibliography.

I'm not sure who to contact about editing this?

Thank you
  • edited December 29, 2020
    You can report issues here (the style is based on the 2014 version of the styleguide and hasn't been meaningfully updated since), but note that et al. for 4+ authors is explicitly described & allowed for "some schools" as well as the library on p. 13 of the linked document.
  • Hi,

    Yes I see what you mean on p.13, though that is for book chapters and not journals, where all the authors' name must be written out in full
  • Pretty sure that bit applies to journal articles as well -- it's repeated multiple times throughout the style guide and there is an asterisk after the more than four authors journal article example on p. 18 -- it just doesn't contain text, but the note on p. 30 emphasizes the importance of being consistent throughout, so I think it's safe to assume they just forgot to add it.
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