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edited December 28, 2020
You can insert links to child or standalone notes that point to url's.

What I want to do is to insert links that point to

1. some attached pdf's that I have in my library
2. some other notes in my library
3. other parts of the note itself

can someone point out how can this be done?

The following is the way I think this can be implemented, but I could not do it because of my lack of knowledge of the internal workings of zotero. I will ask some further questions hoping that the answers to those can be transformed to an answer to my original question.


Zotfile extension, when extracting annotations, automatically creates notes with links to attached pdf's with the syntax "zotero://open-pdf/library/items/[itemKey]?page=[page]".
As far as I understand [itemKey] is the name of the file in zotero storage folder.
However, the name of the file is autogenerated and I could not find a way to access to that name from my library.

Further question 1 : How can I determine the name of the file in the storage folder that corresponds to the item in the library?

The answer to this question would give me a way to refer to attached pdf's in my library.


I do not know where and how the notes are stored. Are they stored just like attachments i.e. in an auto-generated folder in the storage file. If so, a suitable adjustment to above scheme can give us a way to insert a link pointing to another note.

Further question 2: How does zotero store the notes. what is their location in the file tree?

The answer to this question would be used to refer to another note in my library.


Since notes support HTML content, adding id's to note elements and referring to them with href should not be a (huge?) problem. But what is the location of the note and how should href refer to the note itself. I tried to add an id to a paragraph (using the source code) in the note and later tried to use ''<href =#[id]". But it did not work.

Further question 3: How to format to href command in my notes to point to the element with the id.

The answer to this question would be used to give a link to another part of the same note.
  • 1. The quickest way is to use the Zutilo add-on, which produces zotero://select links I don't think it does open-pdf links, so you'd have to change the link itself, but it will give you the item ID for PDFs

    2. While notes are stored as part of the database (so they're nowhere in the file tree), they can be accessed using zotero://select links the same way as other attachments/items

    3. Anchor links aren't supported by the zotero://select protocol (because it _selects_ items, it doesn't technically open them), so you can't link to a specific section of a note, sorry.
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