Moving collections with keyboard input without dragging?

Sorry, I must be the zillionth user asking questions about moving collections but after spending about 15 min searching for a solution I gave up.

I know that collections including subcollections can be dragged an dropped to another place. In my case the target place is distant, not on the same screen, I don't even know for sure how far. I navigate there usually by entering the first letters of the collection name. Is there a way to select a collection, then search and move to the destination and then drop it there, but not by the dragging method? I tried it with cut/paste, did not work.

Thanks for any help in advance
  • Yeah, this has been requested a bunch and planned for quite some time -- apart from issues such as yours it's also probably the biggest accessibility issue in Zotero -- but isn't possible currently.

    My understanding is that it's an area of the software that's seeing a lot of work and so developers want to finish that and then implement a keyboard/collection solution rather than doing it now and having to redo it with all changes.
  • @franz47: But just to be clear, while this is important for accessibility and will be possible in a future version, you can absolutely move things via dragging to places that aren't immediately in view, in Zotero or any other program. You just need to click and hold on the collection or item and then scroll to the desired location, either with two-finger drag on a trackpad or with the scroll wheel if you're using a real mouse. You can also drag to the top or bottom edge of the pane and wait for it to scroll, though you have a bit less control that way.
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