Snapshot area empty when saving from Twitter

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  • New to Zotero -- fresh off the catastrophe of realizing Twitter deletes all bookmarks after 6 months.

    I was able to capture a tweet, but it didn't capture any of the replies in the thread/discussion.

    The Snapshot area seems to be empty, but the Title text captures the first tweet.

    Is the Twitter capture from Chrome broken again or is capturing the whole thread not possible?
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    @dr_qt: I'm not clear on what exactly you're saying the problem is. Are you referring to the metadata in Zotero or the snapshot?

    The current version of Zotero should save both metadata and a snapshot with visible replies on the page. (Any interactivity won't work, so you won't be able to expand reply threads in the saved version.)
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    It's not capturing the visible replies either:

    I was testing with this url

    Link and snapshot are empty. The only thing recorded is the top tweet text -- saved as Title.

    A second test stored the main tweet differently, but still didn't capture the unrolled thread.

  • Right, I still don’t understand what you mean here. I don’t know what “link and snapshot are empty” means. Can you take some screenshots that show what you’re describing, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox), and provide a link here?
  • There's nothing incorrect in that screenshot. Are you expecting the area in the right-hand pane to show the snapshot? That's just an embedded note for the attachment item — it has nothing to do with the snapshot. Most people don't use those.

    If you want to see the snapshot, double-click on the parent item or the attachment item.
  • My expectation was that it captures all visible replies to the tweets - but not the hidden replies.

    Currently it captures only the first tweet.

    I'm just looking for the full text of the conversation to be stored somewhere.

    Do I have it wrong? Does it only store the first tweet in the visible thread?
  • If you want to see the snapshot, double-click on the parent item or the attachment item.
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