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When I’m working on my iPad, is there a way to import google scholar citations easily? The bookmarklet script doesn’t work anymore. The web version of my library doesn’t seem to understand links to GS.

Google scholar provides nice importable citations, but I don’t know how to get them into my Web library easily. Thanks.
  • The web library doesn't currently support multiple results when adding by URL. That's planned.

    One workaround in the meantime would be to add them to ZoteroBib, which does let you choose from multiple results (one at a time). You can then generate a link to that bibliography, send it to yourself, and save to Zotero from your computer later.

    You could also export to BibTeX or RIS and email those files to yourself for later importing into Zotero, though that's not much fun.
  • Yeah, I’ve got a workaround workflow now, but I was hoping there would be a way to do something with the bibtex or ris that the site generates for a single citation. So I could maybe pass zotero a link to the webpage that is just the bibtex and it would handle it like it does other identifier websites. The bibtex url does contain “ct=citation” which might help with that.

    Any point in making a feature request? Working with zotero while on iOS devices is really frustrating.
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    The web library will import single entries from RIS or BibTeX URLs, but not the ones from Google Scholar — Google blocks those requests.

    The bookmarklet is likely also blocked by security restrictions on the page. (Bookmarklets are increasingly broken on the modern web.)

    We'll add support for multiple results to the web library soon. And an iPad app is coming.
  • Well that’s not nice of Google. I suppose zotero is playing nice when it makes the request.

    And yes, the security restrictions block the bookmarklet, which I don’t really have a problem with, though it obviously gets in the way here.

    I’m not sure of the details of course, but I don’t know that it’s a multiple-item issue. Even a single-result Google scholar page doesn’t get imported correctly.
  • Unless you're talking about something other than a standard Google Scholar search, all Google Scholar pages are multi-item pages. The number of results doesn't matter.
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