Creating Smart Search of a library for a group

I'm trying to use a saved search to share only some of my resources with a group. I've tried creating one in that group that searches my primary library, but then it either doesn't work or relocates to my personal library. Is there a way to do this?
  • You can drag the results from the smart search to the group, but you can't selectively share from your library without moving items to a group currently (I don't know if and how that's planned -- you're not the first person asking about it, though)
  • Hi, follow up comment -- I just tried with a colleague, and while neither of use can see the saved search in Zotero on the web (just as adamsmith said), we can *both* see the saved search in the synced group library in Zotero desktop. So I am pleased! (Although I'd like to see the feature of saved searches visible in shared group libraries on the web too, if it's under consideration.)
  • I think the original question here was different: it's about a saved search in "My Library" that would show in a group, which isn't possible at all.

    As you say, regular saved searches, both in groups and in My Library, are synced, but they do not show up online. as per that's planned, but may take time.
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