Importing Grobid (TEI) files

In some disciplines, there is a large so-called 'grey' literature: serious papers/reports/books by respected scholars/researchers with little or no incentive to publish in peer-reviewed journals (e.g think tanks). These works typically do not show up in WoS or Scopus, and so the references are typically not available. And yet they are often very well sourced too - sometimes with 100s of references. There are some citation extraction tools out there that try to parse references out of pdfs/texts/etc. We've looked at tools as CERMINE, GrobidParsCit, Pdf-extract, Scholarcy, EXCITE (Extraction of Citations from PDF Documents), Science-Parse and others.

Out of these, Grobid is an interesting one. It allows users to parse 'all' references out of a pdf file, and to download the results in TEI format. I'm attaching one example. I read here in the Zotero documentation that "TEI and Zotero are in theory a perfect fit". I understand that the idea is primarily to get authors (and, I guess, especially publishers) to encode their bibliographical references IN their publications. And so for that, the current Zotero ability to export Zotero references into TEI-compliant XML that can then be included in the pdf-code is great

But how about the opposite - being able to import a (reconstructed) TEI 'section' into Zotero? Has any progress been made on that? 

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