PDF reader to annotate in Markdown

I am using ObsidianMD and hence wanted to export notes into markdown.
I saw a few videos of the workflow involving pluglins like ZotFile.

My concern is with which PDF editor to use? What kind of annotations will move into markdown? I see the tutorials using Mac and iOS, they tend to use "default" pdf reader (?), but I use PDFX-Change on Windows. I tried almost all the commenting/annotation options there and couldn't get any note extracted so on windows, which PDF reader to use with what kind of annotation??

I simply want to take notes over PDF that then goes into my OBSIDIAN.

Plus, I use iPad for reading too. And I have a google sync active so the annotations in the iPad are synced onto my PC as well. I intend to capture all the notes in the PDF that I make anywhere into Zotero as MD.

Please suggest and help.
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    I suggest you have a look at the zotero-mdnotes, plug-in for Zotero.
    (i) Make annotations in your favourite pdf editor (in my case PDFPen Pro)
    (ii) Extract these annotations via zotfile into Zotero
    (iii) Transform & export via zotero-md as markdown into your Obsidian vault.
    I have been using this set-up for a few months and it works well.
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