Webpage snapshot doesn't save comments - fixable?

Many webpages have comments that only load once the user scrolls down. The Zotero snapshot doesn't save these comments even if all comments are loaded when the user clicks the Zotero connector. Yet the Firefox add-on SavePageWE does save the comments on the page, so it seems like it's possible to do even when saving a page as a single html file.

Is there any way to get Zotero to save loaded comments in its snapshots?

e.g. web page with comments: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/11/17/covid-vaccines-what-you-need-to-know

  • (The relevant test would be with the SingleFile extension, which is what Zotero uses.)

    The comments are in an iframe, which we don't currently save. SingleFile does save frames by default, so I imagine it will save these.

    The downside to including frames is that they're largely advertising content and other things that slow and bloat the snapshot without adding much value (e.g., a video element with a static poster frame).

    See this thread for a discussion of saving frames. As noted there, we've fixed the performance issue that was one of the main reasons we had it off, though there are other reasons.
  • I see in that thread that the Zotero team is evaluating what to do with frames generally. At minimum it would be good to allow users to change the setting. Of course the user could do SingleFile separately after the fact, but such a setting would save a lot of extra clicks for users who always want to include frames.

    Another option is to have frames whitelist for inclusion, either built-in or at the user level. Since the issues of concern about frames do not generally apply to user comments, and there are not many comment services, if the decision is made to *not* allow users to set frame inclusion, Zotero could whitelist just comment frames for the handful of services that provide comments to the majority of popular sites? Or is that more work that revealing frame inclusion as a hidden setting?
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