Citations start again from 1

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  • In my document, I already had an existing bibliography from all the citations. They are numbered according to Vancouver format. However, when I added new citations, the corresponding bibliography did not sync in with the existing numbered bibliography. "It started again from 1-3."


    11. Ciacchini B, Tonioli F, Marciano C, Faticato MG, Borali E, Pini Prato A, et al. Reluc....

    12. COVID-19 Leads To 50 Percent Fewer ED Encounters At Major Hospitals In New Orleans | Health ...... 616.415561/full/

    1. Coronavirus in Philippines: how the COVID-19 affects Philippines [Internet]. Pharmaceutical ....

    2. Czeisler MÉ. Delay or Avoidance of Medical Care Because of COVID-19–Related Concerns — Unite....

    3. Effect of delay in diagnosis on transmission of COVID-19.html.

    14. Diegoli H, Magalhães PSC, Martins SCO, Moro CHC, França PHC, Safanelli J, et al. Decrease in Hospital Admissions for Transient Ischemic Attack, Mild, and Moderate Stroke During the COVID-19 Era. Stroke [Internet]. 2020 Jun 12 [cited 2020 Jul 2]; Available from:
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    This would happen if you saved your document in the wrong format. See Existing Citations Not Detected.
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